Evoked Potentials in Experimental Myelopathy
Spinal Cord Tissue Oxygen in Experimental Ischemia, Compression, and Central Necrosis
Effect of Hypercarbia and Hypertension on Spinal Cord Tissue Oxygen in Experimental Cervical Myelopathy
Distribution of Glycosaminoglycans Across the Normal and the Scoliotic Disc
Anterior Vascular Pedicle Bone Grafting for the Treatment of Kyphosis
Acute Low-Back Pain
Neurologic Deficits Secondary to Spinal Deformity
Low-Back Pain Following Multiple Lumbar Spine Procedures
Transcutaneous Electrical Neurostimulation in Postlaminectomy Pain
Reoperation Rate Following Lumbar Discectomy
A New Approach to the Failed, Failed Back Syndrome
Chymopapain Chemonucleolysis
Intradiscal Corticosteroids in the Treatment of Lumbar and Cervical Disc Problems
Congenital Duplication of the Spinal Canal
Correction of Spinal Instability and Recovery of Neurologic Loss Following Cervical Vertebral Body Replacement