Trauma to Anomalous Cervical Spine
Successful Surgical Decompression of Spinal Extradural Metastases of Liposarcoma
Abnormalities of Aggregation, Thromboxane A2 Synthesis, and 14C Serotonin Release in Platelets of Patients with Idiopathic Scoliosis
Lateral Electrical Surface Stimulation for the Treatment of Progressive Idiopathic Scoliosis
The Surgical Treatment of Nerve Root Compression Caused by Scoliosis of the Lumbar Spine
The Amount of Bone Mineral and Schmorl's Nodes in Lumbar Vertebrae
Low-Back Pain in 40− to 47-Year-Old Men
Low-Back Pain in Relation to Other Diseases and Cardiovascular Risk Factors
The Innervation of the Lumbar Spine
Anomalies of the Lumbosacral Nerve Roots
Computed Tomography of Lumbar Disc Herniation
The Use of In Vivo Lumbar Discography to Assess the Clinical Significance of the Position of the Intercrestal Line
A Low-Back Rating Scale
Hip-Spine Syndrome
Lumbar Intervertebral Discolysis with Collagenase
The Biomechanics of the Posterior Elements of the Lumber Spine
The Mechanical Function of the Lumbar Apophyseal Joints
Posterior Element Loads in Lumbar Motion Segments
Compression Stresses in the Posterior Elements and Pathologic Consequences
Asymmetrical Facet Joints
Spinous Process Deviation Predictive Value of a Radiologic Sign in Lumbar Disc Surgery
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To the Editor