The 1983 Volvo Award Competition for Research in Low-Back Pain
Physical Measurements as Risk Indicators for Low-Back Trouble Over a One-Year Period
Stress Analysis of the Lumbar Disc-Body Unit in Compression A Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Finite Element Study
Chymopapain, Chemonucleolysis, and Nucleus Pulposus Regeneration A Biochemical and Biomechanical Study
Is the Chemistry of Collagen in Intervertebral Discs an Expression of Wolff's Law? A Study of the Human Lumbar Spine
The Applied Anatomy of the Thoracolumbar Fascia
Isokinetic Evaluation of Trunk Muscles
Measurements of Loads on the Lumbar Spine Under Isometric and Isokinetic Conditions
Shrinkage as a Measure of the Effect of Load on the Spine
A Comparison of Surgery and Chemonucleolysis in the Treatment of Sciatica A Prospective Randomized Trial
Industrial Low-Back Pain A Prospective Evaluation of a Standardized Diagnostic and Treatment Protocol
Assessment of Severity in Low-Back Disorders
Chronic Low-Back Pain, Psychologic Distress, and Illness Behavior
Unstable Thoracolumbar Fractures A Study by CT and Conventional Roentgenology of the Reduction Effect of Harrington Instrumentation
Scoliosis and Pulmonary Function
Lumbar Curve, Trunk Muscles, and Line of Gravity with Different Heel Heights