The Nonsurgical Management of Odontoid Fractures in Adults
Experience of Posterior Surgery in Atlanto-axial Instability
Reconstruction of the Cervical Spine Following Anterior Vertebral Body Resection: A Mechanical Analysis of a Canine Experimental Model
The Use of Methylmethacrylate Cement as an Instantaneous Fusion Mass in Posterior Cervical Fusions: A Canine In Vivo Experimental Model
Progressive Cystic Degeneration of the Spinal Cord Following Spinal Cord Injury
Cortical Evoked Potential Monitoring
Experimental Study on the Circulatory Dynamics of the Spinal Cord by Serial Fluorescein Angiography
The Effects of Internal Fixation on the Articular Cartilage of Unfused Canine Facet Joint Cartilage
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Reproducibility of the History of Low-Back Trouble
Quantitative Assessment of Back Strength Using Isokinetic Testing
Dermatomal Somatosensory Evoked Potentials: Their Use in Lumbar Radiculopathy
Three-Dimensional X-ray Analysis of Normal Movement in the Lumbar Spine
A Comparative Analysis of X-ray Findings of the Lumbar Spine in Patients With and Without Lumbar Pain
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Prevention of Postlaminectomy Scar Formation
Predicting Patients' Perceptions of Response to Treatment for Low-Back Pain
Evaluation of an Advanced Back Pain Rehabilitation Program
Complete Dislocations at Two Adjacent Levels of the Cervical Spine
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