Editorial: SPINE 1987
Methodology in Clinical Back Pain Trials
Scoliosis Induced by Medullary Damage: An Experimental Study in Rabbits
Experimental Neoplastic Spinal Cord Compression: Evoked Potentials, Edema, Prostaglandins, and Light and Electron Microscopy
Influence of Halo Vest Treatment on Vital Capacity
Plain Radiographic, Discographic, and Direct Observations of Schmorl's Nodes in the Thoracolumbar Junctional Region of the Cadaveric Spine
Facet Joint Orientation, Facet and Costovertebral Joint Osteoarthrosis, Disc Degeneration, Vertebral Body Osteophytosis, and Schmorl's Nodes in the Thoracolumbar Junctional Region of Cadaveric Spines
Correlations of Spinal Mobility with Degree of Chronic Low Back Pain after Correction for Age and Anthropometric Factors
Body Height, Obesity, and Risk of Herniated Lumbar Intervertebral Disc
Treatment of Acute Low-back Pain with Piroxicam: Results of a Double-blind Placebo-controlled Trial
Effects of Epidural and Intrathecal Application of Collagenase in the Lumbar Spine: An Experimental Study in Rabbits
Neurophysiologic Investigation of Patients with Spinal Stenosis
Posture-dependent Bilateral Compression of L4 or L5 Nerve Roots in Facet Hypertrophy
The Abdominal Muscles and Vertebral Stability
Hypertrophic Synovitis of the Facet Joint Forming a Para-articular Mass in Cases of Herniated Intervertebral Disc
A Critique of ‘The Optimum Spine’
Meetings of Interest for Spine Physicians and Surgeons