The Vertical Stability of the Cervical Spine
Fractures of the Atlas
Biomechanical Comparisons of Spinal Fracture Models and the Stabilizing Effects of Posterior Instrumentations
Muscle Spindles in the Paraspinal Musculature of Patients with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
Experimental Scoliosis in the Rat
Experimental Scoliosis in the Rat
Spondylothoracic Dysplasia
Electro-Spinal Stimulation in Children with Adolescent and Juvenile Scoliosis
Orthotic Results in Adolescent Kyphosis
The Effect of Trimethaphan-Induced Hypotension on Canine Spinal Cord Blood Flow
Intrathecal Morphine for Spinal Fusion in Children
The Chronic Local Effects of Sublaminar Wires An Animal Model
Depth of Intraspinal Wire Penetration during Passage of Sublaminar Wires
Cotrel-Dubousset Instrumentation in Adults
Neuropharmacologic Effects of Vibration on the Dorsal Root Ganglion
Tensile Strength of Spinal Ligaments
A Three-Dimensional Digitization Method to Measure Trunk Muscle Lines of Action
Postural Alignment in Barefoot and High-Heeled Stance
A Retrospective Study of Low-Back Pain in 38− to 64-Year-Old Women
Compliance for Low-Back Pain Patients in the Emergency Department
Do Nonorganic Signs Help to Predict the Return to Activity of Patients with Low-Back Pain?
Safety and Efficacy of Chymopapain (Disease) in the Treatment of Sciatica Due to a Herniated Nucleus Pulposus Results of a Randomized, Double-Blind Study
The Role of Anterior Lumbar Fusion for Internal Disc Disruption
Early Results of Spinal Fusion Using Variable Spine Plating System
Closed Reduction of Spondylolisthesis
CT-Guided Biopsy of Sacral Metastatic Carcinoma Not Visible on CT Scan
C2 Neurofibroma
Monostotic Fibrous Dysplasia of the Lumbar Spine
Meetings of Interest for Spine Physicians and Surgeons