Traumatic Cervical Spine Injuries in Childhood and Adolescence
Trunk Muscle Activities in Braced Scoliosis Patients
The Idiopathic Double Thoracic Curve Pattern
Lateral Electrical Surface Stimulation in Idiopathic Scoliosis
Decreasing Homologous Blood Transfusion in Spinal Surgery by Use of the Cell Saver and Predeposited Blood
Unit Rod Segmental Spinal Instrumentation in the Management of Patients with Progressive Neuromuscular Spinal Deformity
Experimental Analysis of the Spinal Cord Compressed by Spinal Metastasis
Burst Fractures in the Thoracic and Lumbar Spine
Harvesting Autogenous Iliac Bone Grafts
The Long-Range Prognosis of Arachnoiditis
Postoperative Radiographic Evidence for Fatigue Fracture as the Etiology in Spondylolysis
The Neuroradiographic Diagnosis of Lumbar Herniated Nucleus Pulposus: I
The Neuroradiographic Diagnosis of Lumbar Herniated Nucleus Pulposus: II
Discography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Diagnosis of Lumbar Disc Disruption
Bertolotti's Syndrome Revisited
Lumbar Intraspinal Synovial Cysts
Research Perspectives in Low-Back Pain
Coronal and Sagittal Plane Spinal Deformities Correlating with Back Pain and Pulmonary Function in Adult Idiopathic Scoliosis
Biomechanical Analysis of Pedicle Screw Instrumentation Systems in a Corpectomy Model
Congenital Spine Deformity: “What's the Latest and What's the Best?”
Ossification of the Posterior Longitudinal Ligament and Thoracic Myelopathy in a Short-Limbed Dwarf
Intradural Rupture of Cervical Intervertebral Disc
Spinal Subdural Empyema Complicating Cervical Discography
Intrasacral Meningocele
Cervical Pneumomyelogram Secondary to a Closed Fracture-Dislocation of the Thoracic Spine
Meetings of Interest for Spine Physicians and Surgeons
Index to Volume 14 Numbers 1-12