Effects of Acute, Graded Compression on Spinal Nerve Root Function and Structure
Analysis and Prevention of Spinal Column Deformity Following Cervical Laminectomy I
Influence of the Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator on the Dura and Spinal Cord
Vertebral Alterations in Scheuermann's Kyphosis
Validity and Reliability of a New Electrogoniometer for the Measurement of Sagittal Dorsolumbar Movements
Age Changes to the Anulus Fibrosus in Human Intervertebral Discs
Lumbar Intervertebral Foramens
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Finite-Element Evaluation of Contact Loads on Facets of an L2-L3 Lumbar Segment in Complex Loads
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Prevalence of Back Pain in Pregnancy
A Paradigm of Delayed Union and Nonunion in the Lumbosacral Joint
The Effect of Sensory Deprivation in the Reduction of Pain in Patients with Chronic Low-Back Pain
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A Controlled Study of Caudal Epidural Injections of Triamcinolone Plus Procaine for the Management of Intractable Sciatica
Complications of the Variable Screw Plate Pedicle Screw Fixation
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Isolated Intradural Metastasis Simulating Lumbar Disc Disease
MRI Diagnosis of Spinal Cord Compression in Beta-Thalassemia
Interspinous Drummond Wire Instrumentation in Traumatic Cervical Spine Instability
Traumatic Atlantoaxial Dislocation Without Fracture of the Odontoid
Unilateral Jumped Thoracic Facet Dislocation
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