The Effect of the Three Columns of the Spine on the Instantaneous Axis of Rotation in Flexion and Extension
The Histomorphologic Sequence of Dural Repair?
Using Tissue Expanders in Spinal Surgery for Deficient Soft Tissue or Postirradiation Cases
The Third Step of Total Autologous Blood Transfusion in Scoliosis Surgery
Evaluation of Cryopreserved Bone and Synthetic Biomaterials in Promoting Spinal Fusion
Differentiation Between Spinal Tumors and Infections with Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Magnetic Resonance imaging Evaluation of the Spinal Canal Following Arthrodesis and Removal of Sublaminar Wires
Disproportionate Body Growth in Girls with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
The Natural History of Congenital Kyphosis in Myelomeningocele
Muscle Disease as a Cause of Kyphotic Deformity in Ankylosing Spondylitis
Spinal Cord Monitoring
Avoiding Paraplegia During Anterior Spinal Surgery
Somatosensory Cortical Evoked Potential Changes After Deformity Correction
Pudendal Nerve Evoked Potential Monitoring in Procedures Involving Low Sacral Fixation
Predictability of Adequacy of Spinal Root Decompression Using Evoked Potentials
The Clinical Application of Neurogenic Motor Evoked Potentials to Monitor Spinal Cord Function During Surgery
Derotational Analysis of Cotrel-Dubousset Instrumentation in Idiopathic Scoliosis
Spinal Decompensation in Cotrel-Dubousset Instrumentation
Rotational Changes of the Vertebral-Pelvic Axis Following Cotrel-Dubousset Instrumentation
Prevention of the Crankshaft Phenomenon
Salvage and Reconstructive Surgery for Spinal Deformity Using Cotrel-Dubousset Instrumentation
The Use of Sublaminar Cables to Replace Luque Wires
Survivorship Analysis of Pedicle Spinal Instrumentation
Survivorship Analysis of VSP Spine Instrumentation in the Treatment of Thoracolumbar and Lumbar Burst Fractures
Diagnosis and Treatment of Cauda Equina Entrapment in the Vertical Lamina Fracture of Lumbar Burst Fractures
Low Lumbar Burst Fractures
Repair of Pars Interarticularis Defect
Classification of Pseudarthroses of the Lumbar Spine
A Comparison of Single-Level Fusions With and Without Hardware