Objective Clinical Evaluation of Physical Impairment in Chronic Low Back Pain
Predicting Return to Work for Lower Back Pain Patients Receiving Worker's Compensation
Mobility, Strength, and Fitness After a Graded Activity Program for Patients with Subacute Low Back Pain
Serial Lumbar Dynamometry in Low Back Pain
Low Back and Neck/Shoulder Pain in Construction Workers
Low Back and Neck/Shoulder Pain in Construction Workers
Effect of Lumbar Orthosis on Intervertebral Mobility
An Improved Method of Stature Measurement for Quantitative Determination of Spinal Loading
Human Facet Cartilage
Implants of Heterologous Demineralized Bone Matrix for Induction of Posterior Spinal Fusion in Rats
Pulmonary Function After Spinal Surgery for Idiopathic Scoliosis
Respiratory Failure in Scoliosis and Other Thoracic Deformities
Spinal Extradural Angiolipoma Case Report and Review of the Literature
Femoral Neuropathy Due to Psoas Hematoma Revisited
Hemolysis After Laminectomy A Case Report
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