Responding to the Pressures on Spine
Interference Screw Fixation of Cervical Grafts
Thoracolumbar Burst Fractures
Nonoperative Management of Stable Thoracolumbar Burst Fractures With Early Ambulation and Bracing
Biomechanical Analysis of Three Surgical Approaches for Lumbar Burst Fractures Using Short-Segment Instrumentation
A Prospective, Randomized Study of Lumbar Fusion
Straight Leg Raising
The Relationship of Facet Tropism to Degenerative Disc Disease
The Effects of Depth of Penetration, Screw Orientation, and Bone Density on Sacral Screw Fixation
Mechanics of Interbody Spinal Fusion
A Histologic Study of Lumbar Pseudarthrosis
Clinical Methodologies and Incidence of Appropriate Statistical Testing in Orthopaedic Spine Literature
Relationship of the Dura, Hofmann's Ligaments, Batson's Plexus, and a Fibrovascular Membrane Lying on the Posterior Surface of the Vertebral Bodies and Attaching to the Deep Layer of the Posterior Longitudinal Ligament
Substance P Innervation of Lumbar Spine Facet Joints
Discography Causes End Plate Deflection
Lumbar Spine Following Successful Surgical Discectomy
Artificial Disc Replacement
Early Versus Late Replacement of Autotransfused Blood in Elective Spinal Surgery
Deep Venous Thrombosis Following Posterior Lumbar Spinal Surgery
Anesthetic Effects on Motor Evoked Potentials in Dogs
The Effect of Nerve Root Lesioning on Various Somatosensory Evoked Potenials in the Hog
Paraspinal Muscle Evoked Cerebral Potentials in Patients with Unilateral Low Back Pain
Predicting Long-Term Disability in Low Back Injured Workers Presenting to a Spine Consultant
Meetings of Interest for Spine Physicans and Surgeons