Use of Psychometric Measures and Nonorganic Signs Testing in Detecting Nomogenic Disorders in Low Back Pain Patients
Surgical Treatment for the Far Lateral Herniated Lumbar Disc
Attempted Experimental Modification of the Postlaminectomy Membrane by Local Instillation of Recombinant Tissue-Plasminogen Activator Gel
Anterior Cervical Plate Fixation with the Titanium Hollow Screw Plate System
Metastatic Lesions of the Cervical Spine A Retrospective Analysis of 20 Cases
Concomitant Noncontiguous Thoracolumbar and Sacral Fractures
Paraspinal Soft-Tissue Sarcoma Classification of 14 Cases
Articular Facets of the Human Spine Quantitative Three-Dimensional Anatomy
A Study of the Angle of Inclination and Facet Curvature of Superior Lumbar Zygapophyseal Facets
The Iliac Buttress
Anomalies Associated with Vertebral Malformations
Intertester Reliability of McKenzie's Classifications of the Syndrome Types Present in Patients with Low Back Pain
Outcome Assessment After Epidural Corticosteroid Injection for Low Back Pain and Sciatica
Low Back Pain in Military Basic Trainees
Electrophysiologic Evaluation of Intermittent Sacral Nerve Dysfunction in Lumbar Spinal Canal Stenosis
Comparison of Sacrospinalis Myoelectric Activity and Pain Levels in Patients Undergoing Static and Intermittent Lumbar Traction
New Vertebral Body Impactors for Posterolateral Decompression of Burst Fracture
Cervical Spondylolysis
Thoracic Spinal Stenosis Associated with Renal Osteodystrophy
A New Management Approach to Decompression, Posterior Stabilization, and Fusion for Cervical Laminar Exostosis with Cord Compression in a Case of Diaphyseal Aclasis
Spinal Cord Compression Secondary to Osteoblastic Metastasis
Meeting of interest for Spine Physicians and Surgeons*