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In Vivo Evaluation of Recombinant Human Osteogenic Protein (rhOP-1) Implants As a Bone Graft Substitute for Spinal Fusions
The Effects of Implant Stiffness on the Bypassed Bone Mineral Density and Facet Fusion Stiffness of the Canine Spine
Hyponatremia and Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone Secretion in Adult Spinal Surgery
An Analysis of Sagittal Curves and Balance After Cotrel-Dubousset Instrumentation for Kyphosis Secondary to Scheuermann's Disease
Is It Necessary to Decorticate Segmentally Instrumented Spines to Achieve Fusion?
Surgical Treatment of Dysplastic Spondylolisthesis
Radiographic Evaluation of Instability in Spondylolisthesis
The Use of Mechanically Elicited Electromyograms to Protect Nerve Roots During Surgery for Spinal Degeneration
Experimental Study of Thoracolumbar Burst Fractures
Neurologic Deterioration in Patients With Thoracic and Lumbar Fractures After Admission to the Hospital
Stabilization of Thoracic Spine Fractures Resulting in Complete Paraplegia
Biomechanical Evaluation of the Stability of Thoracolumbar Burst Fractures
The Load Sharing Classification of Spine Fractures
Comparison of In Vivo and In Vitro Adjacent Segment Motion After Lumbar Fusion
The Effects of Pedicle Screw Fit
Methods for Evaluating Treatment Outcomes
Spinal Imaging Modalities
Historical Perspectives in Spine Research
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