Morphometric Evaluation of Lower Cervical Pedicle and Its Projection
Point of View: Morphometric Evaluation of Lower Cervical Pedicle and Its Projection
Nonhomogeneous Permeability of Canine Anulus Fibrosus
Identification of the Location, Extent, and Pathway of Sensory Neurologic Feedback After Mechanical Stimulation of a Lateral Spinal Ligament in Chickens
Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion
Sacral Fixation Technique in Lumbosacral Fusion
A Biomechanical Study of a Cervical Spine Stabilization Device: Roy-Camille Plates
The Outcome of Scoliosis Surgery in the Severely Physically Handicapped Child
Rotational Changes of the Vertebral Pelvic Axis After Sublaminar Instrumentation in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
The Crankshaft Phenomenon After Posterior Harrington Fusion in Skeletally Immature Patients With Thoracic or Thoracolumbar Idiopathic Scoliosis Followed to Maturity
A Cross-sectional Study Comparing the Oswestry and Roland-Morris Functional Disability Scales in Two Populations of Patients With Low Back Pain of Different Levels of Severity
Waddell's Nonorganic Signs and Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Profiles in Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain
Management of Chronic Nonspecific Low Back Pain in Primary Care: A Descriptive Study
Thoracolumbar Burst Fracture With Horizontal Fracture of the Posterior Column
Telemedicine and Competitive Change in Health Care
Spinal Pain Mechanisms
Epidural Hematoma of the Lumbar Spine, Simulating Extruded Lumbar Disk Herniation: Clinical, Discographic, and Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging Features
Potential Large Vessel Injury During Thoracolumbar Pedicle Screw Removal
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Meetings of Interest for Spine Physicians and Surgeons