Bilateral Cortical Blindness After Lumbar Spine Surgery: A Case Report

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Study Design.A report of the unusual perioperative complication of bilateral cortical blindness after lumbar spine surgery. The hypothetical causes that can lead to this syndrome in spine surgery and the precautions are discussed.Objectives.The circumstances surrounding the occurrence of perioperative cortical blindness, the explanation of possible mechanisms, and the patients at risk are evaluated.Summary of Background Data.There have been no similar reports.Methods.Case report with description of the syndrome of cortical blindness, the diagnostic tools, and the different pathophysiologic causes.Results.The severe impairment of visual capacities remained unchanged; some color discrimination and the differentiation between dark and daylight were possible.Conclusions.In obese patients (body mass index >30) puncture of the subclavian vein and rotating and positioning of the patient in one step should be performed carefully.

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