Posterolateral Lumbar Intertransverse Process Spine Arthrodesis With Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2/Hydroxyapatite–Tricalcium Phosphate After Laminectomy in the Nonhuman Primate
Reconstruction After Multilevel Corpectomy in the Cervical Spine
Internal Spinal Fixator Stiffness Has Only a Minor Influence on Stresses in the Adjacent Discs
Surface Strain Distribution on Thoracic and Lumbar Vertebrae Under Axial Compression
Atlas–Axis Facet Asymmetry
Magnetic Resonance Evaluation of the Intervertebral Disc, Spinal Ligaments, and Spinal Cord Before and After Closed Traction Reduction of Cervical Spine Dislocations
Persistent Osteopenia in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
Rotations of a Helix as a Model for Correction of the Scoliotic Spine
Left Thoracic Curve Patterns and Their Association With Disease
The Association Between Static Pelvic Asymmetry and Low Back Pain
The Surgical Treatment of Far Lateral L3–L4 and L4–L5 Disc Herniations
Spinal Biomodeling
Direct Repair of Spondylolysis Without Spondylolisthesis, Using a Rod–Screw Construct and Bone Grafting of the Pars Defect
Iatrogenic Mycobacterium Infection After an Epidural Injection
The Spinal Manifestations of Stickler’s Syndrome
Sciatica Caused by Cervical and Thoracic Spinal Cord Compression
Management of Degenerative Disc Disease Above an L5–S1 Segment Requiring Arthrodesis
Meetings of Interest for Spine Physicians and Surgeons