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High Fear-Avoiders of Physical Activity Benefit From an Exercise Program for Patients With Back Pain
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Morphometric Study of the Thoracic Vertebral Pedicle in an Indian Population
Demonstration of Substance P, Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide, and Protein Gene Product 9.5 Containing Nerve Fibers in Human Cervical Facet Joint Capsules
Studies of Human Intervertebral Disc Cell Function in a Constrained In Vitro Tissue Culture System
Microfracture and Changes in Energy Absorption to Fracture of Young Vertebral Cancellous Bone Following Physiological Fatigue Loading
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Biomechanical Comparison of Kyphoplasty With Different Bone Cements
Biomechanical Role of Lumbar Spine Ligaments in Flexion and Extension: Determination Using a Parallel Linkage Robot and a Porcine Model
Injury Mechanisms of the Cervical Intervertebral Disc During Simulated Whiplash
Geometric Results of Anterior Cervical Plate Stabilization in Degenerative Disease
Psychiatric Morbidity in Patients With Chronic Whiplash-Associated Disorder
Spinal Position Sense and Disease Progression in Ankylosing Spondylitis
Posterior Cervicothoracic Instrumentation in Spine Tumors
Determining the Stabilizing Role of Individual Torso Muscles During Rehabilitation Exercises
The Role of Collagen IX Tryptophan Polymorphisms in Symptomatic Intervertebral Disc Disease in Southern European Patients
Preference-Based Quality of Life Measurement in Patients With Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy
Time-Dependent Surgical Outcomes Following Cauda Equina Syndrome Diagnosis
Augmentation of Pedicle Screw Fixation Strength Using an Injectable Calcium Phosphate Cement as a Function of Injection Timing and Method
A Biomechanical Comparison of Calf Versus Cadaver Lumbar Spine Models
Changes in Segmental Intervertebral Motion Adjacent to Cervical Arthrodesis: A Prospective Study
The Role of Thoracoscopic Spinal Surgery in the Management of Pyogenic Vertebral Osteomyelitis
Multiple Unstable Cervical Fractures With Cord Compromise Treated Nonoperatively
Meetings of Interest for Spine Care Health Professionals