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Effect of Periradicular Methylprednisolone on Spontaneous Resorption of Intervertebral Disc Herniations
Determination of the Length of Anteromedial Screw Trajectory by Measuring Interforaminal Distance in the First Sacral Vertebra
Comparison of Posterolateral Lumbar Fusion Rates of Grafton Putty and OP-1 Putty in an Athymic Rat Model
Ultrastructural Analysis of Metallic Debris and Tissue Reaction Around Spinal Implants in Patients With Late Operative Site Pain
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Effect of Facetectomy on Lumbar Spinal Stability Under Sagittal Plane Loadings
Altered Function of Lumbar Nerve Roots in Patients With Transitional Lumbosacral Vertebrae
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The Flexion–Extension Profile of Lumbar Spine in 100 Healthy Volunteers
Sagittal Alignment of the Spine and Pelvis During Growth
Predicting Persistent Neck Pain
Clinical Symptoms in Lumbar Disc Herniations and Their Correlation to the Histological Composition of the Extruded Disc Material
Predictive Factors for Neck and Shoulder Pain: A Longitudinal Study in Young Adults
Health-Related Quality of Life After Surgical Treatment for Lumbar Stenosis
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The Spanish Version of the SRS-22 Patient Questionnaire for Idiopathic Scoliosis
Endoscopic Lateral Transpsoas Approach to the Lumbar Spine
The Pathology of Ligamentum Flavum in Degenerative Lumbar Disease
Unilateral Limited Laminectomy as the Approach of Choice for the Removal of Thoracolumbar Neurofibromas
Necessity of Rib Head Resection for Anterior Discectomy in the Thoracic Spine
The Effect of Static Torsion on the Compressive Strength of the Spine
Clotting Parameters and Thromboelastography in Children With Neuromuscular and Idiopathic Scoliosis Undergoing Posterior Spinal Fusion
Soft Tissue Neck Symptoms Following High-Energy Road Traffic Accidents
Neglected Major Vessel Injury After Anterior Spinal Surgery
Positional Occlusion/Stasis of Vertebral Arteries in a Case of Cervical Rheumatoid Arthritis Presenting With Multiple Posterior Circulation Infarcts
Meetings of Interest for Spine Care Health Professionals