Sunrise, Newcastle Harbor
Effect of Segmental Artery Ligation on the Blood Supply of the Thoracic Spinal Cord During Anterior Spinal Surgery: A Quantitative Histomorphological Fresh Cadaver Study
Metabolism of the Intervertebral Disc: Effects of Low Levels of Oxygen, Glucose, and pH on Rates of Energy Metabolism of Bovine Nucleus Pulposus Cells
The Adeno Associated Viral Vector as a Strategy for Intradiscal Gene Transfer in Immune Competent and Pre-Exposed Rabbits
Segmental Variation in the In Vitro Cell Metabolism of Nucleus Pulposus Cells Isolated From a Series of Bovine Caudal Intervertebral Discs
Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenic Protein-2-Enhanced Anterior Spine Fusion Without Bone Encroachment Into the Spinal Canal: A Histomorphometric Study in a Thoracoscopically Instrumented Porcine Model
Occurrence and Regional Distribution of Apoptosis in Scoliotic Discs
A Stronger Bicortical Sacral Pedicle Screw Fixation Through The S1 Endplate
Occipitocervical Fixation: Long-Term Results
Cervical Muscle Response to Head Rotation in Whiplash-Type Left Lateral Impacts
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Psychologic Management of Brace Therapy for Patients With Idiopathic Scoliosis
Predicting Health-Related Quality of Life in Patients With Low Back Pain
Three-Dimensional Rotational X-ray Imaging for Spine Surgery
Expression of Estrogen Receptor of the Facet Joints in Degenerative Spondylolisthesis
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Early Disability Risk Factors for Low Back Pain Assessed at Outpatient Occupational Health Clinics
Early Patterns of Care for Occupational Back Pain
Non-Fusion Surgery for Degenerative Spondylolisthesis Using Artificial Ligament Stabilization
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The Mannequin Sign
Clinical Measurements of Cement Injection Pressure During Vertebroplasty
Validation of the Korean Version of the Oswestry Disability Index
Atlanto-Occipital Dislocation With Traumatic Pseudomeningocele Formation and Post-Traumatic Syringomyelia
Letters to the Editor