The Hague, The Netherlands
Prevention of Low Back Pain in Female Eldercare Workers: Randomized Controlled Work Site Trial
The Expression of Anabolic Cytokines in Intervertebral Discs in Age-Related Degeneration
Point of View
Relative Versus Absolute Modulation of Growth in the Fusionless Treatment of Experimental Scoliosis
Influence of Osmotic Pressure Changes on the Opening of Existing Cracks in 2 Intervertebral Disc Models
Nonlinear Finite Element Model Predicts Vertebral Bone Strength and Fracture Site
Quantitative Prediction of Spinal Cord Drift After Cervical Laminectomy and Arthrodesis
Active Involvement and Intervention in Patients Exposed to Whiplash Trauma in Automobile Crashes Reduces Costs
Surgical Treatment of Neck Hyperextension in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy by Posterior Interspinous Fusion
Adolescent Lumbar Disc Herniation and Hamstring Tightness
Idiopathic Scoliosis: Identification of Candidate Regions on Chromosome 19p13
Anterior Thoracic Spine Reconstruction Using a Titanium Mesh Cage and Pedicled Rib Flap
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Abnormalities of Neural Axis in Lenke Type 1 Idiopathic Scoliosis
Comparison of Radiologic Signs and Clinical Symptoms of Spinal Stenosis
Development and Psychometric Testing of Korean Language Versions of 4 Neck Pain and Disability Questionnaires
Prevalence and Characteristics of Upper or Mid-Back Pain in Finnish Men
Work Retention and Nonspecific Low Back Pain
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Minimal Access Spinal Surgery (MASS) in Treating Thoracic Spine Metastasis
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Point of View: Response
High-Grade Slippage of the Lumbar Spine in a Rat Model of Spondylolisthesis
Biomechanical Comparison of the Screw-Bone Interface: Optimization of 1 and 2 Screw Constructs by Varying Screw Diameter
Neck Pain in Hong Kong
Computed Tomographic Morphometry of Thoracic Pedicles
Frequency, Timing, and Course of Depressive Symptomatology After Whiplash
Myelopathy by Lesions of the Craniocervical Junction in a Patient With Forestier Disease
Two Cases of Pott Disease Associated With Bilateral Psoas Abscesses
The Extremes of Spinal Motion: A Kinematic Study of a Contortionist in an Open-Configuration Magnetic Resonance Scanner
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