Former Powerhouse to a Dam, Telluride, Colorado
Alf Nachemson, MD, PhD (1931–2006)
Addition of Choice of Complementary Therapies to Usual Care for Acute Low Back Pain
Glial Phosphorylated p38 MAP Kinase Mediates Pain in a Rat Model of Lumbar Disc Herniation and Induces Motor Dysfunction in a Rat Model of Lumbar Spinal Canal Stenosis
Autoimmune Properties of Nucleus Pulposus
Effects of Direct Current Electrical Stimulation on Gene Expression of Osteopromotive Factors in a Posterolateral Spinal Fusion Model
Hangman’s Fracture
Histomorphometric Assessment of Thoracoscopically Assisted Anterior Release in a Porcine Model
Radiosurgery for Spinal Metastases
Clinical Outcome of Posterolateral Endoscopic Surgery for Pyogenic Spondylodiscitis
Cauda Equina Syndrome
Fluoroscopic Computer-Assisted Pedicle Screw Placement Through a Mature Fusion Mass
Polyethylene Wear Debris and Long-term Clinical Failure of the Charité Disc Prosthesis
Risk Factors for the Development of Perioperative Complications in Elderly Patients Undergoing Lumbar Decompression and Arthrodesis for Spinal Stenosis
Acupuncture for Neck Disorders
High-Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Meniscoids in the Zygapophyseal Joints of the Human Cervical Spine
The Long-term Effect of Multidisciplinary Back Training
Patients' Satisfaction With Provided Care/Information and Expectations on Clinical Outcome After Lumbar Disc Herniation Surgery
The Impact of Psychosocial Factors on Low Back Pain
Emotional Distress as a Predictor for Low Back Disability
Avoiding Neurologic Complications Following Ligation of the Segmental Vessels During Anterior Instrumentation of the Thoracolumbar Spine
Translaminar Microsurgical Approach for Lumbar Herniated Nucleus Pulposus (HNP) in the “Hidden Zone”
Randomized Clinical Study to Compare the Accuracy of Navigated and Non-Navigated Thoracic Pedicle Screws in Deformity Correction Surgeries
Electrophysiologic Changes in Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons and Behavioral Changes in a Lumbar Radiculopathy Model
Effects of the Mechanical Load on Forward Bending Motion of the Trunk
Plasma Neuropeptides in Patients Undergoing Lumbar Discectomy
Radiographic Assessment of Lumbar Facet Distance Spacing and Spondylolysis
Classification of Chance Fracture in Children Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Percutaneous Endoscopic Discectomy for Extraforaminal Lumbar Disc Herniations
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