Village of Masole, Northern Iran
The Position of the Aorta Relative to the Spine
Increase of 200-kDa Neurofilament-Immunoreactive Afferents in the Substantia Gelatinosa in Allodynic Rats Induced by Compression of the Dorsal Root Ganglion
BDNF, NT-3, and NGF Released From Transplanted Neural Progenitor Cells Promote Corticospinal Axon Growth in Organotypic Cocultures
Association of Gene Polymorphisms With Intervertebral Disc Degeneration and Vertebral Osteophyte Formation
Cell Polarity in the Anulus of the Human Intervertebral Disc
The Presence of Pleiotrophin in the Human Intervertebral Disc Is Associated With Increased Vascularization
Recombinant Human Osteogenic Protein-1 Upregulates Proteoglycan Metabolism of Human Anulus Fibrosus and Nucleus Pulposus Cells
Point of View
Multidirectional Testing of One- and Two-Level ProDisc-L Versus Simulated Fusions
Preliminary Study on Biomechanics of Vertebroplasty
Influence of Pain Distribution on Gait Characteristics in Patients With Low Back Pain
Superiority of Multilevel Cervical Arthroplasty Outcomes Versus Single-Level Outcomes
One-Year Results of X STOP Interspinous Implant for the Treatment of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
Patient Characteristics at the Initial Visit to a Scoliosis Clinic
Analysis of Sagittal Alignment in Thoracic and Thoracolumbar Curves in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
Sex Differences in Consequences of Musculoskeletal Pain
The Position of the Aorta Relative to the Spine in Patients With Left Thoracic Scoliosis
Pyogenic Intradural Abscess
Combined Extraforaminal and Intradiscal Cement Leakage Following Percutaneous Vertebroplasty
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