The Northern Part of the Tassili N’Ajer Mountains in the South of Algeria
Effectiveness of the Physical Therapy Godelive Denys-Struyf Method for Nonspecific Low Back Pain
Prevalence of Sacral Spina Bifida Occulta and Its Relationship to Age, Sex, Race, and the Sacral Table Angle
Up-Regulation in Receptor for Advanced Glycation End-Products in Inflammatory Circumstances in Bovine Coccygeal Intervertebral Disc Specimens In Vitro
In Vitro Proliferation and Osteoblastic Phenotype Expression of Cells Derived From Human Vertebral Lamina and Iliac Crest
Stress Analysis of the Interface Between Cervical Vertebrae End Plates and the Bryan, Prestige LP, and ProDisc-C Cervical Disc Prostheses
Halo Vest Treatment of Cervical Spine Injuries
Dynamic Plates in Anterior Cervical Fusion Surgery
Centering of Cervical Disc Replacements
Are Routine Radiographs Needed in the First Year After Lumbar Spinal Fusions?
A Correlation of Radiographic and Functional Measurements in Adult Degenerative Scoliosis
The Flip Test
Great Expectations
Orthopaedists’ and Family Practitioners’ Knowledge of Simple Low Back Pain Management
Influence of Time, Activities, and Memory on the Assessment of Chronic Low Back Pain Intensity
Discriminating Healthy Controls and Two Clinical Subgroups of Nonspecific Chronic Low Back Pain Patients Using Trunk Muscle Activation and Lumbosacral Kinematics of Postures and Movements
Spinal Myxopapillary Ependymoma
Effectiveness of Acupuncture for Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review: Erratum
The Effect of Anterior Spinal Fusion on Spinal Canal Development in an Immature Porcine Model
A Novel Biomechanical Device Improves Gait Pattern in Patient With Chronic Nonspecific Low Back Pain
Hematogenous Spinal Infection in Central Greece
Can C7 Plumbline and Gravity Line Predict Health Related Quality of Life in Adult Scoliosis?
Surgical Approach for Synovial Cyst of the Atlantoaxial Joint
Multiple Spinous Process Fractures of the Thoracic Vertebrae (Clay-Shoveler’s Fracture) in a Beginning Golfer
Lumbar Metastasis of Choriocarcinoma
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