Kintai Bridge, Iwakuni, Japan
The Effects of Inflammation on Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein Expression in Satellite Cells of the Dorsal Root Ganglion
Intra-Arterial Injection in the Rat Brain
Evidence of Enhanced Expression of Osteopontin in Spinal Hyperostosis of the Twy Mouse
Pediatric and Adult Three-Dimensional Cervical Spine Kinematics
The Influence of Cervical Traction, Compression, and Spurling Test on Cervical Intervertebral Foramen Size
Bone Graft Volumetric Changes and Clinical Outcomes After Instrumented Lumbar or Lumbosacral Fusion
Massage for Low Back Pain
Empirical Evidence of an Association Between Internal Validity and Effect Size in Randomized Controlled Trials of Low-Back Pain
Operative Versus Nonoperative Treatment of Leg Pain in Adults With Scoliosis
Factors Related to Progression of Thoracolumbar Kyphosis in Children With Achondroplasia
Pelvic Fixation of Growing Rods
Growing Rods for Infantile Scoliosis in Marfan Syndrome
Prevalence of Degenerative Imaging Findings in Lumbar Magnetic Resonance Imaging Among Young Adults
Patient-Level Minimal Clinically Important Difference Based on Clinical Judgment and Minimally Detectable Measurement Difference
The Cultural Adaptation, Reliability, and Validity of Neck Disability Index in Patients With Neck Pain
The History of the Halo Skeletal Fixator
Neck/Shoulder Exercise for Neck Pain in Air Force Helicopter Pilots
Matrix Metalloproteinase-3 on Ligamentum Flavum in Degenerative Lumbar Spondylolisthesis
Relative Efficacy of Transcranial Motor Evoked Potentials, Mechanically-Elicited Electromyography, and Evoked EMG to Assess Nerve Root Function During Sustained Retraction in a Porcine Model
Effect of Iliac Screw Insertion Depth on the Stability and Strength of Lumbo-Iliac Fixation Constructs
Biomechanical Effects of Laminoplasty Versus Laminectomy
Facet Orientation and Tropism
Pathological Vertebral Compression Fracture of C3 Due to a Breast Cancer Metastasis in a Male Patient
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