Spirituality in Clinical Practice: This Issue and Beyond
Spirituality in Clinical Practice: Practice Considerations
Pilot Study of the Effect of Religious Symbols on Brain Function: Association With Measures of Religiosity
See No Evil: The Perceptual Processing of the Shadow
Spirituality and Religion in Clinics and Congregations
Multidisciplinary Directions for Studying the Brain and Religious Phenomena
Spiritual Transformation: Honoring Spiritual Traditions in Psychotherapy
A Systematic Review of Relations Between Psychotherapist Religiousness/Spirituality and Therapy-Related Variables
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Religion and Spirituality in Group Psychotherapy: Clinical Application and Case Example
From Personal Experience to Clinical Practice to Research: A Career Path Leading to Public Policy Changes in Integrating Spirituality Into Mental Health
God, Synchronicity, and Postmaterialist Psychology: Proof-of-Concept Real-Life Evidence
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