The Increased Signal Intensity at the Vertebral Body Endplates After Chemonucleolysis Demonstrated by Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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Changes in signal intensity observed by magnetic resonance imaging in the contiguous end plates of injected discs after chemonucleolysis over a period of 2 years in 28 patients were evaluated. These changes appeared to be of two types; a transiently increased signal intensity on T2-weighted images, and a progressively increased signal intensity on T1-weighted images with is intense or hyperintense signal on T2-weighted images. The former appeared within three months and disappeared within 2 years. This change was observed in six patients (21%), whose mean age was higher than that of the other patients. This change correlated with the preinjection state of the affected disc. The latter appeared after 2 years and was accompanied by sclerotic changes on roentgenograms. These changes were observed in five patients (18%). The discs, of which the contiguous end plates showed these intensity in four patients, These changes are considered segment

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