Three-Dimensional Spinal Deformity in Scoliosis Associated with Cerebral Palsy and with Progressive Muscular Dystrophy

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The authors analyzed lateral deviation, anteroposterior deformity, and rotation of the spinal column of 11 patients with scoliosis associated with cerebral palsy (CP) and 11 patients with progressive muscular dystrophy (PMD). There was a correlation between the magnitude of Cobb angle and that of the vertebral rotation in scoliosis associated with both CP and PMD, but the ratio of spinal rotation to Cobb angle in the former was lower than that in the latter, The magnitudes of thoracic kyphosis and of lumbar lordosis were not correlated with Cobb angle in either group, but the sagittal plane deformity in the CP patients was less severe than that in the PMD patients, and the latter demonstrated kyphosis of the lumbar spine and lordosis of the thoracic spine.

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