The Use of Texas Scottish-Rite Instrumentation in Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Preliminary Report

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The Texas Scottish-Rite instrumentations (TSRH)is a new system for the correction of spinal deformities that uses smooth rods and hooks stabilized to the rod with a three-point interference fit This obviates the need for the break-off hex bolts and should make For easier removal and/or revision. Twenty-three patients with TSRH instrumentation were followed for an average of 18 months after surgery. The major scoliotic curve was corrected an average of 49% with the compensatory curve averaging 37% correction, Loss of thoracic kyphosis was less than 9$$ although it increased on average 8$$ in those patients where kyphosis was Improved, There were no acute complications, but late complications included four cases of hook pull-out. Results are comparable to those found with the CD instrumentation. The TSRH instrumentation is an attractive alternative in scoliosis surgery, particularly because of the relative case in which revision surgery may be performed.

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