Progression of Scoliosis in Children with Myelomeningocele

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In a retrospective follow-up of 64 patients with myelomeningocele and scoliosis of more than 10 degrees, the development of the scoliosis curve was watched. The mean follow-up was 4.3 years. Most progression of scoliosis can be expected before 15 years of age. Fiftyfour percent of the patients with scoliosis of 40 degrees or more progressed more than 5 degrees per year. Progression was dependent on the scoliosis angle. A multivariate model for the prediction of the scoliosis progress in a 1-year perspective was applied. The model included the current scoliosis angle, the age of the patient, the skeletal level of the dysraphism, and the patient's ambulation capacity.

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