Lymphatic Drainage After Lumbar Surgery

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Study Design.A case report of lymphatic drainage after anterior retroperitoneal débridement and reconstruction for lumbar osteomyelitis.Objectives.To report a case of protracted lymphatic drainage after anterior lumbar surgery, a complication that has not been reported previously.Summary of Background Data.Lymphatic drainage after transthoracic surgery is a well-recognized complication. The possibility of lymphatic drainage after anterior lumbar surgery is less likely to be considered.Methods.The cause, clinical symptoms and appearance, treatment, and differential diagnosis are reviewed.Results.Lymphangiography is useful in diagnosis and should be performed early if the diagnosis is in doubt. Percutaneous drainage can facilitate early would healing.Conclusion.Lymphatic drainage should be considered in the differential diagnosis of postoperative would drainage, particularly after surgical débridement for osteomyelitis.

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