Coccygeal Retroversion

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Study Design.

A retrospective review of a case of coccygodynia caused by a previously unreported coccygeal morphology.


To draw attention to a previously undiagnosed pathology.


This case adds to the recently described variants of coccygeal anatomy.


The authors present the case of a 42-year-old woman with intractable coccygodynia and a retroverted coccyx.


The histologic examination of the resected specimen after coccygectomy revealed a bony lesion covered with thick fibrous tissue and evidence of mature adipocytes within trabecular spaces. (The latter was described in a supplementary report as an intraosseous lipoma.)


A retroverted coccyx and adventitious bursa represent a pathoanatomy not formally reported on in the literature. This type of coccyx that is symptomatic may not respond to the traditional prolonged period of conservative management.

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