Giant Multilevel Thoracic Hemangioma With Spinal Cord Compression in a Patient With Klippel-Weber-Trenaunay Syndrome: Case Report

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Study Design.

Case report and clinical discussion.


We intend to report a very rare case of a giant spinal hemangioma causing myelopathy.

Summary of Background Data.

Multilevel symptomatic spinal hemangiomas causing acute neurologic symptoms are rare disorders. We found only sporadic reports in English literature.


We describe a very rare case in which Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber syndrome is associated with a multisegmental vertebral hemangioma causing a rapidly progressing thoracic myelopathy.


Because of the extension of the disease, surgical intervention was not feasible, the patient was treated by radiotherapy. The patient showed a complete regression of symptoms with stable condition after 3 months.


In extensive spinal hemangiomas, radiotherapy may represent a safe treatment modality with rapid clinical improvement even in cases with spinal cord compression. This report contributes to a wide range of known vascular abnormalities in Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber syndrome and supports the need for a careful multisystemic evaluation of these patients.

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