Severe Neurofibromatosis Kyphoscoliosis, Posterior Wedge Osteotomy, Halo-traction, and Anterior Autograft Strut Fusion, With 28-Year Follow-up

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Study Design.

Case report with very long-term follow-up.


To demonstrate the lasting value of correction and stabilization with multiple anterior autogenous strut grafting.

Summary of Background Data.

Although anterior strut grafting has been shown to be ideal for neurofibromatosis kyphosis, there have been no reports as to whether the benefit is maintained or lost over many years.


This is a single case report with very long-term follow-up.


This adult patient, operated in February 1982, has been followed for 28 years, and is doing very well in life, although her pulmonary capacity is compromised.


Although patients with severe spine deformity because of neurofibromatosis tend to deteriorate with time, this patient demonstrates that with aggressive correction and fusion management, a long-term good quality of life can be achieved.

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