Vertebral Body Lipoma: An Unusual Pathology Treated With Kyphoplasty

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Study Design.Case report.Objective.This case report is unique since this is the first vertebral lipom case that was treated by kyphoplasty alone.Summary of Background Data.Vertebral lipoma is extremely rare and our search of the English literature has revealed 20 patients in 16 reports.Methods.A 32-year-old female patient was admitted to our neurosurgery department with the chief complaint of low back pain that had lasted nearly 1 year. A lumbar MR suggested a hemangioma and the patient was operated on.Results.On microscopic examination, the lesion was seen to have a widely infiltrating appearance of mature fat tissue between bone trabeculae diagnosis was intraosseous lipoma.Conclusion.We believe that the management should be surgical total removal of the lesion even in incidentally found cases in order to obtain histologic diagnosis and pain relief.Level of Evidence: 5

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