Evaluation of Research Using Computerised Tracking Systems (Amisco® and Prozone®) to Analyse Physical Performance in Elite Soccer: A Systematic Review

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Technology improvements in elite soccer have enabled the performance of individual players and teams to be analysed in extreme detail. The volume and immediate availability of this information allows coaches and sports scientists to make more informed decisions about current and future needs, thus increasing the teams’ potential to perform. In the last decade, one of the most valuable technologies used in elite soccer is the Computerised video tracking system that quantifies technical and physical performance parameters, although new applications are being developed.


This systematic review aims to evaluate the pertaining research literature that has specifically used the Amisco® and Prozone® Computerised video tracking systems to analyse the physical performance of elite players.

Data Sources

MEDLINE, SPORTDiscus, PsycINFO, ProQuest, and Teseo were used for the literature search.


After two selection phases, a total of 38 studies were reviewed, which revealed that the majority of studies were of a high standard with most fulfilling the majority of the quality criteria. A critical appraisal of this literature was conducted to assess issues regarding sample size, positional subsets, variables measured, and possible future applications.


This systematic review demonstrates that Computerised video tracking systems are a valuable data collection tool to enable sports scientists to identify the current physical demands placed on players in competition to allow them to apply data to training and testing protocols. Current Computerised tracking systems in elite soccer still provide adequate detail on the physical and technical performances of players but must develop further to compete with the array of additional parameters offered by new technologies such as global or local positioning system technology. However, physical parameters are highly dependent on the role played by technical and tactical factors, and thus improved knowledge of these parameters is needed to allow a more complete understanding of their impact on physical demands.

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