Physical Examination of the Elbow in Sports

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SummaryThe elbow, by its design and position, is accountable for promoting profitable shoulder, arm. and hand maneuvers that are used in routine activities and sports participation. Primarily responsible for flexion and extension, the elbow also assumes the functions of pronation and supination as a result of the integrity of the proximal radioulnar articulation. For any sport injury, obtaining an accurate history is foundational to successful treatment. Pertinent information is best gleaned from quality questions. It is an advantage for both the athlete and the examining physician that the entire medical team be present in the training room, at practice, and at the contest venue on a routine basis. Mass screening and office visits are viable procedures to adequately depict elbow characteristics, properties, and inadequacies. The actual physical examination. from visualization, strength evaluation, and palpation, to assessment is presented in a structured fashion. Special attention is allotted to each elbow compartment with regard to functional anatomy and pathology. Paragraphs on imaging, special studies, and prevention conclude the article.

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