Throwing Injuries to the Elbow

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SummaryValgus extension overload syndrome describes the wide spectrum of elbow injuries seen in the high-performance throwing athlete. Upon presentation, age will segregate patients as either adolescent or adult. Adolescent throwers develop valgus extension overload syndrome just like their adult counterparts. However, since their musculoskeletal system is immature, their specific diagnosis will be different. In adult athletes, valgus extension overload syndrome includes five types of injuries: type I, ulnar collateral ligament (UCL); type II, posterior medial impingement: type III. flexor pronator injury; type IV, peripheral nerve entrapment: and type V, radiocapitellar overload. Conditioning, evaluation, and treatment of the throwing athlete is advanced when all of the types of injuries that result from valgus extension overload syndrome are recognized and understood by their caretaker.

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