Athletic Activities After Joint Arthroplasty

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SummaryParticipation in recreational sports is a frequent goal of patients considering joint replacement. Few studies have been done of the outcomes after joint replacement among recreational athletes, and those in the literature have been retrospective and somewhat anecdotal. The decision to participate in sports after joint replacement must be a decision made by the patient after frank and thorough discussion with his or her surgeon. Intelligent participation in recreational sports should often be a routine part of the preoperative discussion for patients considering total joint replacement. The type of sport and the extent of participation will have great bearing on the extent to which a joint implant might be adversely affected. In general, sports can be roughly divided into high-impact, intermediate impact, and low impact. Certain modifications to sports techniques may allow patients to return to their favored sports safely. Further long-term studies are necessary to determine the safety of sports after joint replacement.

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