Arthroscopic Meniscal Repair Using the Inside-Out Technique

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SummaryMentseal repair using the inside-out technique is a well accepted technique and the most commonly used one. There have been main reports showing premature development of chondrosis in patients who have undergone partial or total meniscectomy The techniques for repair have expanded over the last 15 to 20 years. The common goal is to maintain the meniscus in an anatomically, biologically, and biomechanically advantaged environment to maximize the opportunity for healing. The authors have refined their techniques and indications for mentscal repair, and this report summari/es their indications, techniques, and results for meniscal repair using the inside-out method. In a review of 301 meniscal repairs using the inside-out technique, factors associated with statistically significantly improved healing included combined anterior crucrate ligament reconstruction and meniscus repair, small rim size. short tear length, and no history of locking. There were trends favoring repairs with acute tears over chronic tears, lateral meniscal tears over medial tears, and the use of fibrin clot. Successful outcomes were not associated with patient age.

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