Graft Selection for Revision ACL Surgery Hamstring Tendons:: Rationale, Technique, and Results

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Revision ACL reconstruction has become an increasingly common procedure as the numbers of primary ACL reconstructions performed annually continues to increase without a significant reduction in the overall failure rate. To help reduce failure rates and improve outcomes, a review of graft selection and surgical technique is warranted. Graft selection in ACL reconstruction remains a source of some controversy. In recent years hamstring tendons have grown in popularity as a graft choice, during which time the literature has reflected favorably on its results with its use in primary ACL reconstruction. In spite of this recent trend, hamstring tendons have not been widely reported in the revision setting. Accordingly, this article provides a contemporary perspective on the use of hamstring tendon as a preferred graft choice for revision ACL reconstruction, our rationale for its use, an outline of our technique, and a brief review of the results using hamstrings in revision ACL reconstruction.

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