Surgical Treatment of Chronic Posteromedial Instability Using Capsular Procedures

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Patients with posteromedial corner injuries of the knee present a significant problem to the clinician. Often the symptoms of anteromedial rotatory instability may be overlooked due to concurrent anterior cruciate ligament and/or posterior cruciate ligament injuries. When addressing concurrent ligamentous injuries to the knee, the clinician may fail to isolate anteromedial rotatory instability on physical examination and imaging studies may not specifically identify damage to posteromedial corner structures. This unrecognized and untreated damage results in residual functional laxity and can potentially lead to chronic and progressive instability of the knee. This paper contains descriptions of 2 surgical techniques that address posteromedial instability. Both techniques require an understanding of posteromedial corner knee anatomy, careful preoperative planning, and extensive postoperative rehabilitation.

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