New Sutures and Suture Anchors in Sports Medicine

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Arthroscopic surgery requires appropriate surgical implants for effective fixation of tendons and ligaments to bone. Biodegradable suture anchors are being used with increasing frequency for various procedures in sports medicine. As companions to these biodegradable suture anchors, new sutures have been developed which possess greater strength and different material properties from the conventional braided polyester suture. Biodegradable polymers currently found in sutures and suture anchors include poly-L-lactic acid, poly-D, L lactic acid, polydioxanone, polyglycolic acid and their copolymers. Suture anchors are now available preloaded with a choice of conventional braided polyester sutures or some version of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (“super”) sutures. Most new suture anchors come with 2 sutures. The manner in which these sutures are attached to the anchor varies and may consist of 2 separate eyelets or 2 slots either parallel to one another or at different angles to one another. Some anchors have a very large single eyelet that allows for 2 or more sutures.

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