Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Posterior Cruciate Ligament, Medial and Lateral Sides of the Knee

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The evaluation and management of posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) injuries presents a clinical challenge to even the most experienced orthopedic surgeons. Increasing emphasis has also been placed on the diagnosis of associated ligamentous and cartilaginous injuries that may contribute to patterns of instability not solely attributed to the PCL deficiency. Although a uniformly accepted surgical technique to restore the anatomy and biomechanics of the multiligament injured knee does not exist, careful identification and management of additional ligamentous injuries are critical in achieving optimum results and avoid further insult or degradation of the knee joint owing to continued instability. Knowledge of the PCL anatomy and associated structures, combined with a clinical understanding of the biomechanics of the native tissues assist the orthopedic surgeon in treating these difficult injuries.

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