Inflammation in Overuse Tendon Injuries

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Overuse tendon injuries present with pain and swelling of the affected tendon with associated decrease in exercise tolerance and function of the limb. After early inflammatory and degenerative hypotheses, the term “tendinopathy” is now deemed a more appropriate reflection of the mixed histopathological picture seen in operative biopsies from affected patients. The condition presents histopathological evidence of “failed healing response,” but its etiology remains unclear. The incidence of tendinopathy is increased in individuals with obesity and decreased insulin sensitivity (as seen in type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus). These groups of patients also exhibit an increased risk of developing a state of chronic low-grade, systemic inflammation. This paper considers the theoretical bases to discuss whether these conditions may predispose to the development of tendinopathy and the implication that such a relationship may have on its management.

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