Endoscopy of the Posterior Aspect of the Ankle: Double Posteromedial Portals

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Posterior and anterior arthroscopy of the ankle and hindfoot may have to be undertaken at the same surgical sitting. Standard arthroscopic practice does not allow to approach both compartments without changing the position of the patient. In the supine position, most intra-articular structures of posterior portion of the ankle joint can be accessed from anterior portals with judicious traction, but visualization of posterior extra-articular compartment and hindfoot are not possible. To avoid repositioning of the patient, we have developed a procedure that allows access to the posterior compartment of the ankle with the patient supine. We describe a 2 posteromedial ankle portals procedure, which allows to reach both the posterior side of the ankle joint and the hindfoot extra-articular compartments keeping the patient supine throughout the procedure. After treatment of anterior compartment disorders using standard anterior portals, 2 posteromedial entry portals permit to visualize and treat pathologies of the posterior ankle and of the hindfoot, without prolonging surgery.

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