Preservation of Knee Articular Cartilage

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Hyaline articular cartilage is critical for the normal functioning of the knee joint. Untreated focal cartilage defects have the potential to rapidly progress to diffuse osteoarthritis. Over the last several decades, a variety of interventions aiming at preserving articular cartilage and preventing osteoarthritis have been investigated. Reparative cartilage procedures, such as microfracture, penetrate the subchondral bone plate in effort to fill focal cartilage defects with marrow elements and stimulate fibrocartilaginous repair. In contrast, restorative cartilage procedures aim to replace the defective articular surface with autologous or allogeneic hyaline cartilage. This review focuses on the preservation of articular cartilage, and discusses the current reparative and restorative surgical techniques available for treating focal cartilage defects.

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