Association Among School-related, Parental and Self-related Problems and Morningness–Eveningness in Adolescents

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We examined the relationship between morningness–eveningness and three dimensions of everyday stressors troubling adolescent pupils aged 13–16 years. Nine hundred and twenty-four pupils in secondary education, grades 8 and 9, completed the Composite Scale of Morningness (covering habitual rise times and bedtimes) and three-item sets of problem perception in adolescents, namely school-related, parent-related and self-related problem perception. Bad school marks, eveningness orientation and type of school are associated with school-related and parent-related problems when controlling for age and gender. Girls reported more self-related problems than boys. Given that school marks and chronotype were the most important moderators of problem perception, the results indicate that later school start times or adolescents changing their late bedtime behaviour, induced by an educational programme, could reduce the adolescents' stress perception and improve their academic performance.

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