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Reproducible Research: A Bioinformatics Case Study*
Generalized Rank Tests for Replicated Microarray Data*
Stepwise Normalization of Two-Channel Spotted Microarrays
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Pixel-level Signal Modelling with Spatial Correlation for Two-Colour Microarrays
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Multiple Testing and Data Adaptive Regression: An Application to HIV-1 Sequence Data.*
Early Diagnostic Marker Panel Determination for Microarray Based Clinical Studies*
Prediction of Missing Values in Microarray and Use of Mixed Models to Evaluate the Predictors*
Combined Association and Linkage Analysis for General Pedigrees and Genetic Models*
Incorporating Biological Information as a Prior in an Empirical Bayes Approach to Analyzing Microarray Data*
The Relative Inefficiency of Sequence Weights Approaches in Determining a Nucleotide Position Weight Matrix*
A Simple Loglinear Model for Haplotype Effects in a Case-Control Study Involving Two Unphased Genotypes*
Extension of the SIMLA Package for Generating Pedigrees with Complex Inheritance Patterns: Environmental Covariates, Gene-Gene and Gene-Environment Interaction*
Error Distribution for Gene Expression Data*
A General Framework for Weighted Gene Co-Expression Network Analysis*
Statistical Inference in Evolutionary Models of DNA Sequences via the EM Algorithm*
Comparing Bacterial DNA Microarray Fingerprints*
Continuous Covariates in Genetic Association Studies of Case-Parent Triads: Gene and Gene-Environment Interaction Effects, Population Stratification, and Power Analysis *
Robust Remote Homology Detection by Feature Based Profile Hidden Markov Models*
Empirical Bayes Estimation of a Sparse Vector of Gene Expression Changes*
Hierarchical Inverse Gaussian Models and Multiple Testing: Application to Gene Expression Data*
FADO: A Statistical Method to Detect Favored or Avoided Distances between Occurrences of Motifs using the Hawkes' Model*
Prediction of Genomewide Conserved Epitope Profiles of HIV-1: Classifier Choice and Peptide Representation*
Fold-Change Estimation of Differentially Expressed Genes using Mixture Mixed-Model*
Test on the Structure of Biological Sequences via Chaos Game Representation*
Reverse Engineering Galactose Regulation in Yeast through Model Selection*
Empirical Bayes and Resampling Based Multiple Testing Procedure Controlling Tail Probability of the Proportion of False Positives. *
Weighted Analysis of Paired Microarray Experiments*
A Probabilistic Approach to Large-Scale Association Scans: A Semi-Bayesian Method to Detect Disease-Predisposing Alleles*
A Shrinkage Approach to Large-Scale Covariance Matrix Estimation and Implications for Functional Genomics*
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Computing Asymptotic Power and Sample Size for Case-Control Genetic Association Studies in the Presence of Phenotype and/or Genotype Misclassification Errors*