Sparse Canonical Correlation Analysis with Application to Genomic Data Integration *
Orthology-Based Multilevel Modeling of Differentially Expressed Mouse and Human Gene Pairs *
Sequential Analysis for Microarray Data Based on Sensitivity and Meta-Analysis *
Dimension Reduction of Microarray Data in the Presence of a Censored Survival Response: A Simulation Study
A Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Model for Estimating Calibration Intervals for Unknown Concentrations in Two-Color Microarray Data with Spike-Ins *
Composite Likelihood Modeling of Neighboring Site Correlations of DNA Sequence Substitution Rates *
A Multiple Testing Approach to High-Dimensional Association Studies with an Application to the Detection of Associations between Risk Factors of Heart Disease and Genetic Polymorphisms *
Hypothesis Tests for Point-Mass Mixture Data with Application to ‘Omics Data with Many Zero Values *
Inferring Dynamic Genetic Networks with Low Order Independencies *
Normalization Method for Transcriptional Studies of Heterogeneous Samples Simultaneous Array Normalization and Identification of Equivalent Expression *
A Bayesian Analysis Strategy for Cross-Study Translation of Gene Expression Biomarkers *
Modified FDR Controlling Procedure for Multi-Stage Analyses *
Detecting Outlier Samples in Microarray Data *
Survival Analysis with High-Dimensional Covariates: An Application in Microarray Studies
Two-Stage Model-Based Clustering for Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Data Analysis *
Score Statistics for Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci
Impact of Population Stratification on Family-Based Association Tests with Longitudinal Measurements *
A Multilocus Model for Constructing a Linkage Disequilibrium Map in Human Populations *
Testing of Chromosomal Clumping of Gene Properties *
Balanced Gradient Boosting from Imbalanced Data for Clinical Outcome Prediction *
Univariate Shrinkage in the Cox Model for High Dimensional Data *
Multilevel Comparison of Dendrograms: A New Method with an Application for Genetic Classifications *
Weighted Multiple Hypothesis Testing Procedures *
Incorporating Duplicate Genotype Data into Linear Trend Tests of Genetic Association: Methods and Cost-Effectiveness *
Increase of Rejection Rate in Case-Control Studies with the Differential Genotyping Error Rates *
A Parametric Model for Analyzing Anticipation in Genetically Predisposed Families *
Bayesian Unsupervised Learning with Multiple Data Types
Extensions of Sparse Canonical Correlation Analysis with Applications to Genomic Data *
A Non-Homogeneous Hidden-State Model on First Order Differences for Automatic Detection of Nucleosome Positions *
Adaptive Transmission Disequilibrium Test for Family Trio Design *
Model Selection Based on FDR-Thresholding Optimizing the Area under the ROC-Curve
Estimation of Selection Intensity under Overdominance by Bayesian Methods *
A Multivariate Growth Curve Model for Ranking Genes in Replicated Time Course Microarray Data *
Rotation Testing in Gene Set Enrichment Analysis for Small Direct Comparison Experiments *
Ancestral Recombination Graphs under Non-Random Ascertainment, with Applications to Gene Mapping *
Prediction of Motifs Based on a Repeated-Measures Model for Integrating Cross-Species Sequence and Expression Data
Identifying Individuals in a Complex Mixture of DNA with Unknown Ancestry *
A Statistical Model for Genetic Mapping of Viral Infection by Integrating Epidemiological Behavior *
Calculating Asymptotic Significance Levels of the Constrained Likelihood Ratio Test with Application to Multivariate Genetic Linkage Analysis
Modeling Dependence in Methylation Patterns with Application to Ovarian Carcinomas *
M-quantile Regression Analysis of Temporal Gene Expression Data *
MC-Normalization: A Novel Method for Dye-Normalization of Two-Channel Microarray Data *
Characterizing the D2 Statistic: Word Matches in Biological Sequences *
Transmission Disequilibrium Test Power and Sample Size in the Presence of Locus Heterogeneity *
A Regularized Regression Approach for Dissecting Genetic Conflicts that Increase Disease Risk in Pregnancy *
Statistical Screening Method for Genetic Factors Influencing Susceptibility to Common Diseases in a Two-Stage Genome-Wide Association Study *
A Unified Mixed Effects Model for Gene Set Analysis of Time Course Microarray Experiments *