Epistatic Interactions*
Testing for Gene-Gene Interaction with AMMI Models*
A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Quantitative Real-Time PCR Data*
Informative or Noninformative Calls for Gene Expression: A Latent Variable Approach*
Detecting Genotyping Error Using Measures of Degree of Hardy-Weinberg Disequilibrium*
Optimisation of HMM Topologies Enhances DNA and Protein Sequence Modelling*
The Apportionment of Total Genetic Variation by Categorical Analysis of Variance*
Dealing with Heterogeneity between Cohorts in Genomewide SNP Association Studies
An Empirical Bayesian Method for Estimating Biological Networks from Temporal Microarray Data*
Parameter Estimation in Multiple-Hidden I.I.D. Models from Biological Multiple Alignment*
Asymptotic Distribution of the “Orthogonal” Quantitative Transmission Disequilibrium Test in a Structured Population: Exact Formula*
An Alternative Model of Type A Dependence in a Gene Set of Correlated Genes*
Comparing Spatial Maps of Human Population-Genetic Variation Using Procrustes Analysis*
An Internal Calibration Method for Protein-Array Studies*
Weighted-LASSO for Structured Network Inference from Time Course Data*
Trilocus Disequilibrium Analysis of Multiallelic Markers in Outcrossing Populations*
Sparse Partial Least Squares Classification for High Dimensional Data*
Reconstructability Analysis as a Tool for Identifying Gene-Gene Interactions in Studies of Human Diseases*
Sub-Modular Resolution Analysis by Network Mixture Models *
Space Oriented Rank-Based Data Integration*
The Generalized Odds Ratio as a Measure of Genetic Risk Effect in the Analysis and Meta-Analysis of Association Studies *
Network Enrichment Analysis in Complex Experiments*
Shrinkage Estimation of Effect Sizes as an Alternative to Hypothesis Testing Followed by Estimation in High-Dimensional Biology: Applications to Differential Gene Expression*
Buckley-James Boosting for Survival Analysis with High-Dimensional Biomarker Data *
A Random Coefficients Model for Regional Co-Expression Associated with DNA Copy Number*
Locating Multiple Interacting Quantitative Trait Loci with the Zero-Inflated Generalized Poisson Regression *
Classification of Genomic Sequences via Wavelet Variance and a Self-Organizing Map with an Application to Mitochondrial DNA*
Confidently Estimating the Number of DNA Replication Origins *
Generalizing Moving Averages for Tiling Arrays Using Combined P-Value Statistics*
Lasso Logistic Regression, GSoft and the Cyclic Coordinate Descent Algorithm: Application to Gene Expression Data *
Granger Causality Analysis of Human Cell-Cycle Gene Expression Profiles
Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci in a Non-Equilibrium Population*
On the Optimal Design of Genetic Variant Discovery Studies*
On Optimal Selection of Summary Statistics for Approximate Bayesian Computation*
Assessment of LD Matrix Measures for the Analysis of Biological Pathway Association
Optimal Tests Shrinking Both Means and Variances Applicable to Microarray Data Analysis*
The Detection of Blur in Affymetrix GeneChips*
Regression-Based Multi-Trait QTL Mapping Using a Structural Equation Model*
Permutation P -values Should Never Be Zero: Calculating Exact P-values When Permutations Are Randomly Drawn
Spatial Clustering of Array CGH Features in Combination with Hierarchical Multiple Testing*
Predicting Patient Survival from Longitudinal Gene Expression*
Including Probe-Level Measurement Error in Robust Mixture Clustering of Replicated Microarray Gene Expression*